JavaScript is the language that was cursed to be perceived as complex. In the previous article of this series, we saw how JavaScript actually works with the help of the JavaScript Engine. If you are directly reading this article, I’d recommend you to read the following article (psst! It’s just a 5-minute read).

Now I assume you know the working of JavaScript and its Engine. Next, let’s see what this weird terminology of JavaScript really means. Well, as you must have gone through the analogy, you briefly came across Event-loop, Call Stack, and Callback Queue.

JavaScript is the language of the web. You might argue that you can use endless other languages for the backend, but undoubtedly, it’s JavaScript that rules the frontend world.

Often developers don’t begin their programming journey with JavaScript but instead go through its syntax when they have to tinker with the frontend of a website. This causes them to relate it with other languages out there and makes JavaScript a really complicated language.

The only way to get over the mindset of JavaScript being complicated is to consider it a separate language that works in its own way, which is…

Relevel by Unacademy is India’s First Hiring Tests Platform. It was introduced to facilitate students to appear for a single test on their platform and get eligible for multiple startups recruiting on their platform based on the relevel scores.

As you might have guessed from the title, I appeared for the tournament. To all the eagled-eye readers, Yes, I had my Relevel test on 14th July 2021. One day before anyone else could appear for it. Let me explain how!

Relevel had a few job openings for the internship role in June 2021, one of those for the position of…

Sarthik Gupta

Trying to explain my concepts to a 5-year old.

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